Pearcel Bot is a custom bot for Discord made in Java that uses the Java Discord API. Pearcel Bot includes many commands, from fun entertainment commands to a custom music bot.

Key Features

  1. Music Bot with the ability to play and queue songs from SoundCloud and YouTube videos and even play live Twitch streams.
  2. Chat Bot with the ability to communicate with you with a set of predefined messages.


Command Usage with key: ! Action
Commands cmds Have the bot DM you a list of commands.
Ping ping Simple Ping, Pong.
Poll poll <arg> Ask a two option poll.
Translate translate <arg> [lang-code] Translate text to another language.
Source Code sourcecode Get a link to the bot's source code.
List Bots listbots Lists all the bots in the current guild.
Poll-N polln <arg> Ask a two option poll with a neither option.
Bot Info botinfo Returns bot information.
Bark bark Bark, Bark!
YouTube User youtubeuser <arg> Fetch information about a user on YouTuber.
Server Invite serverinvite Get a link to invite the bot to your server.
Curse Data cursedata <arg> Fetch information about a user's projects on CurseForge.
Geo IP geoip <arg> Get the location of an IP address.
Coin Flip coinflip Flip a coin!
Fizz Buzz fizzbuzz <arg:int> Fizz Buzz!
Self Info selfinfo Get information about yourself.
Patreon patreon Get a link to support me on Patreon.
Emoji Evaluate emojieval <arg:char,emoji> Evaluate an emoji or character for information on it.
To Binary tobinary <arg:int> Convert a number to binary.
Uptime uptime Get the bot's current uptime.
List Commands listcommands List all custom commands available for the current guild.
To Roman Numerals toromannum <arg:int> Convert a number to it's roman numeral counterpart.
Magic 8 Ball 8ball [arg] Roll a magic 8 ball!
Rock, Paper, Scissors! rps <arg:r,p,s> Play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the bot.
Let Me Google That For You lmgtfy <arg> The bot will Google a search query for you.
Bot Stats botstats Returns statistics about the bot.
Twitch User twitchuser <arg> Fetch information about a user on Twitch.
Dice Roll diceroll [arg:int] Roll an imaginary dice.
Slap slap <arg> Slap a user.
Guild Info guildinfo Fetch information about the current guild.
Mixer User mixeruser <arg> Fetch information about a user on Mixer.

* Table may not be up-to-date